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Why Rent A Hospital Breast Pump?

A hospital breast pump makes expressing breast milk much easier.  This is due the stronger suction and cycling speeds of hospital breast pumps which are industrial strength versus the ones that are available for purchase in stores.

Medela Symphony breast pumps are used by moms at the following hospitals:  Michael Garron, Sunnybrook, St. Joseph's, St. Mike's, Markham Stoufville and many more hospitals. 



Online Breast Pump Rental is the way to go when you need to produce food for your new baby, The service is simple and convenient at a time when that is exactly what you need. Pickup and Drop-off are easily arranged, while the staff are friendly and helpful. Most importantly, the equipment performed flawlessly. We never had any issues with it in our five months of use. I would recommend this service to anyone considering how they are going to fulfill their pumping needs.  Thanks, Online Breast Pump Rental!

Kurtis Scott

I needed to up my supply and was completely failing to express anything.  In desperation I hired the Symphony and was amazed to discover the stimulation cycle of quick bursts managed to produce a let-down reflex in under two minutes even when Noah had just fed.

Shannon H


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Providing Breastmilk During a Pandemic

Providing Breastmilk During a Pandemic

Benefits of Breast Milk

Benefits of Breast Milk

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Tips to Choose the Right Breast Pump For You & Baby!

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