Pumping Gear

Pumping is often called " a journey " and many mothers prepare for pumping just like preparing for childbirth and breastfeeding.  In order to have the most comfortable "journey" or pumping experience mothers keep some needed equipment and gear handy. 

Based on over a decade of experience in this area; we recommend the following top selling 4 products to make your pumping journey easier. 

1. The hands free pumping bustier is a very useful and innovative bra which allow's mom to pump "hands free versus having to hold on to the flanges of the breast pump."  This allows mom to save precious time, allows multi-tasking,  & creates a more comfortable experience.

2. The Calma feeding bottle mimics the experience of breastfeeding for baby. 

3. The pump and save storage bags make it easy to save and freeze and use precious pumped breast milk.

4. Our Lanolin  and hydrogel pads helps keep nipples moisturized and help support healthy nipples.



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