Where do you ship your products?

We can ship everywhere in the greater Toronto area, Peel region, York region, Halton, Pickering.  Please see map below:

map of delivery area


How can I rent a hospital grade breast pump?

Step 1: From the catalogue select "symphony/hospital breast pump rental."
             Please make sure you purchase a pumping kit along with your pump.
Step 2: Submit payment.
Step 3: We will follow up with delivery details
Step 4: We will be collecting your signature on the rental agreement and taking a copy of your driver's license. 

Why should I rent instead of purchasing a regular breast pump? 

Many moms rent pumps if nursing is difficult, or painful or if they need extra milk or if they need to express milk faster.   In addition, a hospital-grade dual pump can cut pumping sessions in half.
Hospital grade pumps are very expensive and can cost thousands of dollars to buy. Hospital grade pumps are considered electric powerhouses.  They mimic breastfeeding and allow moms  to regulate suction rhythm, intensity, and pressure.  They have a pumping action that's almost identical to a baby's natural sucking, which can help to build and maintain milk supply.

What is the cost of renting a pump?


The rental costs are specified in the catalogue.  Our minimum rental period is for two weeks. 

How far in advance do I need to rent?

We can deliver your breast pump within 24 hours on weekdays.  If you are pre-planning you can place your order and indicate when you would need delivery.


When does my rental period begin and end?

Your rental period begins the day your order is delivered.  The rental period ends when your pump is picked up or delivered back to our store. The minimum rental period is 2 weeks.

How do I pay for my rental?

We accept all major credit cards. 

What if I accidentally damage the breast pump?

 If the equipment is not returned in good condition then the customer is charged a  minimum charge of $50 and or the cost of the repair/replacement of the pump.  This would be charged on the credit card on file.  Please note that the  replacement cost of a pump is upwards of $4000.


How do I know my breast pump is clean and hygienic?

Each breast pump is thoroughly disinfected and cleaned between rentals.  In addition, each pump is a “closed system pump”, which means it is sanitary and safe for use by multiple mothers. A closed system pump has a barrier which  prevents milk or milk particles from entering the pump tubing or motor, which eliminates the need for pump tube washing or replacement. In addition, each mom is required to purchase an individual pumping kit which is used to collect breast milk.

How much does shipping cost?

Regular shipping(within our delivery radius) s $20.


How much does home pickup cost?

The pump can be picked up from your home for an additional charge of $20..

Alternatively, the pump can be returned to the store(Pharmasave inside the Michael Garron Hospital, 825 Coxwell Ave.  Toronto, Ontario,)

How long can I borrow for?

You can borrow for as long as you like.  We would bill you monthly(credit card on file) for the pump.

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