Hands Free Pumping Bustier-Top seller for the Pumping Mom - Black
Medela Easy Expression Bustier is an a must have essential for pumping moms.  This Bustier allows mom to be "hands free"  while pumping. Medela's patented Adaptive Stretch™ technology allows the bustier to adapt to your body to provide exceptional fit and...
$49.99 $47.95
Medela Pump and Save Bags
Many mothers find it convenient or even necessary to collect their breastmilk and store it to be used at a later time. Such is the case for mothers who are returning to work or school or for mothers who may...
Disposable Nursing Pads 60 pack
These disposable nursing pads offer greater value Feature:Excellent absorbency and leak protection - day or nightDiscreet protection
Calma Breastfeeding Bottle
Calma’s flow, shape and length are designed to suit your baby's needs as your baby grows. Medela's Calma is designed exclusively as an alternative to breastfeeding for moms wishing to feed their babies with breast milk. It is ideal for...
Natracare Maternity Pads
Why do you Need Maternity Pads?  Maternity pads are longer, softer, and much more absorbent than ordinary sanitary pads. The reason you need so many pads is that bleeding from your uterus (womb) will start soon after your baby is born....
TenderCare Lanolin
Why is Lanolin cream good for breastfeeding moms? Lanolin cream is mostly comprised of lanolin oil, which is extracted from sheep’s wool.  The soothing, moisturizing, and healing effects of lanolin cream have been known to benefit nearly every skin type. This...
Tendercare Hydrogel pads
Breastfeeding is a bonding experience for mom and baby. During the first week or so, mothers may experience nipple tenderness. This could be related to normal postpartum skin changes or breastfeeding complications. If tenderness occurs, Tender Care hydrogel pads offer...
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