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Low Suction or No Suction?



pumping kit parts labelled

This is a common issue and can be often solved by checking the following:

1) Inspect Symphony Membranes. If membranes do not appear to have a rip or tear move to next step. If membranes do appear to be worn or have a tear, replace prior to next step.

2) Inspect Symphony Diaphragms If diaphragms do not appear to have a rip or tear move to next stop.

3)Make sure Symphony lid completely closes before pump is in use.

4) Make sure the hard yellow ends of the tubing fit securely into breastshield connectors.

5) Make sure the yellow triangular end fits into the membrane cap.

6) Make sure yellow valve on breastpump kit is fitted correctly into the breastshield connector.

7)Make sure white membrane is lying flat against yellow valve head.

If you continue experiencing issues with low or no suction,
please contact Customer Service at 1800.435.8316.