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TheraShells – Come with both a smaller back and a larger back however don’t come with the foam insert.

These breast shells are made with a soft, flexible silicone back to mold to your body. The cupped part provides structure but just enough to be fairly discreet when using. They also have a vented top to allow your air to circulate on your nipple and prevent soreness.

These breast shells are highly recommended for mums in the early days of breastfeeding. You nipples will often be sensitive and are more likely to become engorged as you milk supply establishes. They are not intended to collect milk so if you have an abundant milk supply or leak heavily they may not be the solution for you

Features & Benefits

For sore, flat/inverted nipples: Economical shells - 2 solutions in one
Large opening backs: Helps soothe sore nipples and protect from further irritation

Small opening backs: Helps with flat/inverted nipples

Low profile design: Natural appearance under clothes
What’s Included

2 - shells
2 - flat/inverted nipple shell backs
2 - sore nipple/engorgement backs


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