What is a Hospital Breast Pump?

A hospital-grade breast pump is a multiple-user breast pump. It has a closed system and is safe for moms to share. Hospitals use these pumps because of their closed systems.  

Can I Use A Hospital Pump?

Yes, all women can use a hospital pump.  Hospital-grade pumps are easy to use and  more powerful than their single-user counterparts, and as a result they require a shorter pumping time.  

Some women may use hospital-grade breast pumps for medical reasons:

Their babies could have trouble latching on or encounter other health issues that make it hard to breastfeed, and a heavy-duty pump ensures that moms can pump quickly and efficiently.

On the other hand, moms may have their own health hiccups that prevent breastfeeding. If they don't have an established milk supply, for example, a hospital-grade pump could be what they need to get enough milk for their babies.

Following breast surgery, women sometimes experience decreased nerve sensitivity in their nipples and may need the wider range of suction that a multi-user pump delivers.

Hospital breast pumps can be used by anyone who needs to pump frequently and increase/maintain breast milk supply.

How Does a Hospital Breast Pump Increase Breast Milk Supply?

1 - Hospital Breast Pumps are good at EXTRACTING existing breastmilk that would not have been possible to exact with other non-hospital grade breast pump machines.

2 - Hospital Breast Pumps cause the milk glands to PRODUCE more milk because the breasts are being emptied more efficiently

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