Mom's Have Used the Symphony Rental Breastpump for the following reasons:

To encourage or initiate breast milk production

To maintain or increase supply of milk


If Mom has special needs:

To help reduce engorgement and heal mastitis

To bring out flat or inverted nipples

If mom has had breast surgery


If baby has special needs:

Baby not latching/ nursing

Twins or Multiples

Premature/ Cleft Palate


Additional Reasons include:

If mom is not sure if she wants to breastfeed 

To give partner the chance to bond by giving expressed breastmilk to baby

If mom is returning back to work 


Highlighted Success Story of New Mom:


New Mom July 2017 Camile Legros

I rented a pump from this site as I first wanted to see if I would be able to breastfeed before committing to buying a pump, and also as I wanted a hospital grade pump to encourage my milk production. The service I received from them was excellent! They not only delivered the pump to my house and explained how it worked, but they also followed up with me shortly after my son's birth in case I had any questions and they picked up the pump once the rental expired. I would highly recommend this service! 


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