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Terms of Agreement:

This Agreement is for the property of a "Medela" product and carrying case ("equipment") is made between the Rental Station (Onlinebreastpumprental) and the Lessee identified in the form above:

1. The equipment remains the property of Medela Canada Inc. Mississauga On. Leseee has no rights to such equipment except as expressed in this Agreement.

2. Lesse may purchase an accessory kit. The kit become the property of the Lessee.

3. Lessee agrees to pay the rental fees in accordance with the fee structure established shown under th rental payment plan. The rental fee is due in advance.

4. The rental rates for the equipment do not include any applicable sales or use tax.

5. Lessee shall leave a security deposit of 1 month rental fee with the Rental Station.

6. Lessee agrees to inform the Rental Station of any change of address

7. Lessee agrees not to move the equipment out of this province with the consent of the Rental station.

8. Lessee agrees to allow no person other than the Lessee to use the equipment provided.

9. Lessee agrees to return the equipment in clean condition. If the equipment is not clean Lesee agrees to pay Rental Station a minimum cleaning fee of $40.00.

10. Lessee agrees to return the equipment in good repair. If the equipment is not in good repair Lessee agrees to pay the Rental Station a minimum charge of $50.00.

11. The Agreement shall be constructed under the laws of the province where the Rental Station is located.

12. The Lessee shall be responsible for all legal fees and all other costs involved in collection of overdue amounts and or the recovery of the equipment and/ or the cost of replacing lost equipment.

13. The Rental Station has the right to cancel this Agreeement at any time with three days notice.

14. Lessee agrees to allow the Rental Station, Medela Canada Inc. or any agency involved the collection of overdue amounts and/or equipment to obtain a credit report on Lessee.

15. Lessee acknowledges that Medela has the right to pursue the lessee directly for recovery of equipment or for damages, inclusive of recovery costs, as if it were party to this party for the agreement.

16. Lessee acknowledges that rental station is permitted to charge to the credit card of the lessee the value of any lost, damaged or non-returned equipment.

17. Lessee acknowledges his/her/its obligations to ensure that rental station, all times, has valid credit card information on hand. 

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