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Medela Sonata Breast Pump

Medela Sonata Breast Pump

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  • Double-electric, daily-use breast pump: Designed for moms who pump several times a day
  • 2-Phase Expression Technology with one-touch letdown button: Provides more milk in less time when double pumping when compared to single pumping in the expression phase
  • Smart: Connects with Smart Solution to the MyMedela app
  • Quiet: Our quietest personal-use breast pump allows for discreet pumping anywhere
  • Hospital performance: Inspired by Symphony
  • Touch screen display and control illumination: For easy operation
  • Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery: Convenient pumping anywhere, anytime


  • One Sonata breast pump with rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • One breast pump bag
  • One double pumping kit
    Includes two breast shield connectors, two connector caps, two valves, two silicone membranes and one set of tubing
  • One set of 24 mm and 27 mm breast shields
  • Four 5 oz. bottles with lids
  • One cooler and cooling element
  • Two bottle stands 
  • One power adaptor

Why Buy A Sonata Pump?

Sonata, Medela's NEW double-electric breast pump with 2-Phase Expression Technology, is a smart breast pump designed with you and your baby in mind. Created to enhance your breast milk feeding experience.

Sonata Delivers Hospital-Level Performance. Research has shown that most moms don’t breastfeed as long as they intend, and many worry about their supply. Establishing a strong breast milk supply early is important to meeting breastfeeding goals. Sonata features hospital-level performance inspired by Symphony®, Medela’s multi-user hospital-grade breast pump, in a portable, two-pound personal-use breast pump to help more moms make the transition to home.

Sonata delivers: Smart Solution connects Sonata to our MyMedela app, your breast milk feeding resource for an instant connection to your personalized pumping dashboard. Real-time tracking of your baby's growth and pumping sessions, including unlimited access to evidence based lactation information and personalized content designed to help you reach your breast milk feeding goals.

 Sonata’s Smart Solution connects to the comprehensive, award-winning, one-of-a-kind digital breastfeeding support app, MyMedela®, to track baby’s activities and get unlimited access to clinically proven support and expert tips. MyMedela seamlessly pairs with Sonata to record pumping sessions, including the phase, rhythm and suction level. Sessions are tracked so mom only has to connect MyMedela with Sonata once, and a record of each session is stored. Through the app, mom receives encouragement based on her goals, as well as real-time notifications directly to her smart phone, reminding her to charge her breast pump or complete a pump session. Timers and alerts also help mom stay on track. 

Sonata is Quiet. Medela’s engineers, who are also parents, recognize the value of quiet, especially when it might mean waking a sleeping baby or disrupting a conference call. Sonata is Medela’s quietest breast pump yet, for discretion wherever mom may be, including late-night pumping sessions.

Responsive Pump Technology automatically adjusts to the body and environment and makes sessions more consistent and productive. Quiet when it matters most for discretion in all situations, including late night pumping sessions. More milk in less time with 2-Phase Expression Technology when double pumping, compared to single pumping. This research based technology, uses two distinct phases, just like breastfeeding babies: 1. Stimulation Phase: to start the milk flow, when babies first go to breast, they suck fast and light. 2. Expression Phase: after milk flow or let-down starts, babies breastfeed with a slower, deeper suck, bringing out more milk faster

Sonata is Responsive. A first for Medela, Sonata’s exclusive Responsive Pump Technology (RPT) offers consistent pumping for her individual shape wherever she pumps, using sensors to detect changes in mom’s body (e.g., breast fullness) or in the environment (including elevation) which may impact normal vacuum pressure. RPT adjusts for consistent vacuum throughout the pumping session no matter where mom is, in flight, at the office or at the beach.

Sonata is Comfortable. During development, Medela talked with moms and improved the pumping kit to make it easier for moms and their partners. Sonata’s double pumping kit (valve, connector, membrane, connector cap and tubing) features an ergonomic design that is comfortable for mom to hold in a variety of positions. It was designed for intuitive assembly with cleaning in mind, replacing small crevices with an easy-to-clean design.

Sonata is Thoughtful. Medela designed details with moms in mind to provide comfort and assurance. From the ergonomics of the kit design that accommodate many holding positions; to how the “start” button is larger and at the bottom so it can be started using a toe or elbow; to the backlit display that makes it easy to navigate a late-night pumping session, Medela believes that Sonata offers moms a product experience that puts her needs in the forefront to better support her breast milk feeding goals.


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